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TradeStreet reveals unusual market activities data in institutional quality markets to retail investors and traders. Real-time data processed by top-notch artificial intelligence for intraday, swing and long-term investors.

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What TradeStreet does?


Follow unusual Insider transactions

Follow transactions of CEOs, employees and beneficial owners, who have information sooner, than the market. One one click you see yield of each insider. TradeStreet finds unusual insider transaction in millions of data.


Track TOP analysts from WallStreet

Estimates on stock growth potential from the best Wall Street analysts. TradeStreet Analyst Algo™ filters out only the most profitable analysts based on their historical yields. An average annual yield per 1 analyst rating picked by TradeStreet Analyst Algo™ is 74,54% on average.


Analyst Algo

TradeStreet Algo™ is a group of our proprietary algorithms and modern artificial intelligence that aims to detect unusual market activities that are hidden in millions of data. It uses historical & real time data in conjunction with countless models and conditions.


Unusual Option Activity

Unusual option urgent orders in real-time that are typically hidden as they are executed across multiple exchanges. Follow orders from big players and follow “Smart Money” in real time.


DarkPool Prints

Follow large equity blocks transactions across private (dark) exchanges.



Follow the world’s investment Gurus like Warren Buffett and their portfolios. We track more than 400 fonds and investors who have the best track record. We categorize them into groups for better tracking.


Valuation. Listen to smart data.

Our Trading Journal is the best teacher for becoming a better trader. Attach screenshots of the setups, make notes on your trades, and even replay the development of the trades. Tag your setups and mistakes to find your strengths and weaknesses.

Sharpen your trading skills by analysing your trading history.

Get educated at our EverTrader Academy.

Part of the Team Candidate program is access to our academy, where you can study for up to 30 days before you start trading.

If you are just starting out, we will guide you through the basics of trading, controlling the trading platform where you will trade and our EverTrader application.

All under the guidance of professional trader Dominik Kovarik and our expert team through videos and live broadcasts.

+ features for profesionals


Create your custom watch lists. After selecting a watchlist, TradeStreet will filter data only for the stocks on your list.


Filter stocks according to the criteria that suit you and discover new investment opportunities.


Get notifications about changes in your wachlists, portfolios or simply any unusual activities happening on the market.


Watch for unusual activities of stocks that you currently have in your portfolio.

Leverage and instruments

Get Leverage up to 1:100 and trade stocks, stock indices, forex, or commodities with no position size limit.

No limits

Trade with the strategies and trading style that suits you. Hold trades overnight, over the weekend, through the news and even use EA’s.

Refundable fee

Get your one-time fee fully refunded right after Phase 1 for accounts up to $50,000 – and no recurring fees.

For the Expert accounts the fee is fully refundable with the first payout.

Get access to TradeStreet

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By joining today, you lock-in one year access to all features and coaching inside of TradeStreet.



89,50 EUR / month

89,50 EUR / month billed anually

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Join our 5,000+ investors worldwide



Try TradeStreet For 14 Days, Risk-Free, When Joining Today

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. That means you could enjoy every benefit we offer for 13 days, and still get a refund on the 14th day no matter what. That means you can join TradeStreet with zero risk to you, and only unlimited upside.


Book a free call

See how TradeStreet can help you and get answers to your questions. Book a 1 on 1 call with our representative now.

By default, payouts are set at once a month, but you can change the payout interval to once every 14 days.

If you wish to change the interval, just e-mail us at:

We support multiple withdrawl options: Deel, TransferWise, Crypto and Bank wire.

After you have selected the payment cycle (which by default is set to 1 per month, but can be changed to 1 per 14 days), you can request payout. 

It is possible to become an EverTrader in just 10 days. If you meet all the trading rules of phases 1 and 2, including the completion of 5 trading days in each phase, you can sign a contract with our partner firm and become an EverTrader in just 10 days.

Yes, you can. Moreover you can even trade on multiple accounts simultaneously.

In the first phase of trading, your goal is to make profit target of 10%. You have up to 30 days to do this. In the second phase of trading, the profit target is lower. The target is only 5% made within 60 days.

After passing the evaluation, there is no profit target anymore.

The maximum loss means that your account equity must not drop below certain treshold at any given point of time.

The maximum loss is 10% of the original account size in all phases of our collaboration.

For example, if your EverTrader Evaluation is for $100,000 account, your account equity must never drop below $90,000.

The maximum daily loss means that your account equity or balance must not drop below certain treshold at any given point of time within a day.

This treshold is calculated at the start of every day based on the current equity or balance.

Daily drawdown is 5% of the starting equity or balance of the given day. 

For example:

If your starting equity is $105,000 but your starting balance is $100,000 then the daily drawdown will be based on your starting equity because it is higher. 5% x $105,000 = $5,250. Your account balance/equity cannot go below $105,000 – $5,250 = $97,750 for the day.

If your starting equity is $94,000 but your starting balance is $98,000 then the daily drawdown will be based on your starting balance because it is higher. 5% x $98,000 = $4,900. Your account balance/equity cannot go below $98,000 – $4,900 = $93,100 for the day.

Note that the equity considers closed and opened positions.

The fee is fully refundable right after Phase 1 for accounts up to $50,000!

For Expert accounts $100,000 and $200,000 is fully refundable with the first payout.

The fee is only a one-time fee (no monthly fees). EverTrader Analyst app is included.

Profit split means the amount of the profit that is paid out to you.

In EverTrader, you are eligible to get a 80% of the profits you make on your EverAccount. You never pay any potential losses.

Furthermore, if you prove to be consistent in your profits, we will increase your account size as well as your profit split to 90%. See the details of the Progressive plan here.

Time Period is time, by which you need to finish the phase.

In the first phase of the EverTrader Evaluation program, you have up to 30 calendar days to fulfill the rules.

In the second phase, you have up to 60 calendar days to fulfill the rules.

There is no time limit once you have become an EverTrader.

As a part of the EverTrader Evaluation program and as the official EverTrader, you get complete access to our EverTrader Analyst app for free. This gives you access to a professional trading journal to improve your trading and tools for spotting trading opportunities.

You can hold your trades overnight, over the weekend, and trade news.

A trading day is a day in which you open at least 1 trade. The minimum number of trading days is 5 trading days in each phase of the evaluation. This means that in just 10 days, you can become an EverTrader.

There is no requirement on this rule once you have become an EverTrader.

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